News DGM100 Programs

Below are the latest new program features listed. Depending of your current program version, some of these may already be included in your installation. Specific news regard your application is listed in the user page. If any questions, please contact us.

• 2022-08-04; Show Statistic’s  upgraded with the following
Article (measure article), select / show new article.
Show (=> marked test), show / activate current test on the main screen.
Show (select), show selctionl; All, All OK, All NG, Deactivated or *Tester .
STAT (sum statistic’s), new statistics added for all measurement total.

• 2020-11-23; Post length added to About Program (Om Program).
• 2020-11-12; Measure post length  (database) reduced from approx. 30 KB to 5 KB.
• 2019-10-01; Warning max DB-size added + change label register to database
• 2019-09-06; XXXX  changed too Raaa-XXXX as internal serial number.
• 2019-02-28; Informing max progress time added to all support functions.

• 2018-12-08;
– Main screen adjusted for installation on Windows 10.
Logotype and supplier (support) changed to DANOX AB.
Reference Batch for current article- and test number, now active on main  batch list.
– A new extended version DGM100B (Batch = Order) is included for custom adaptation.

• 2018-11-07; Clear All Empty Batches added to the File menu.

• 2016-06-24; Adaptation for SQL connections added (DGM100E).

2016-04-21; Individual password protection is added to the File menu (register operations). Previous only disabling’s are removed.

2016-02-11; Auto logging adjusted for easier readability, and option Show only last 7 days is added to log Book.

2015-11-20;  Gauss normal distribution curve add to frequency diagram in Show Statistics.

2015-11-11;  Admin station add as standard to Register setup. And previous register settings; Disable registration and Disable measure system are removed.

2015-11-08;  Mouse wheel added for easier scrolling of all lists.

2015-06-18; Selectable label for added. Previous Custom list replaced by Reference..

• 2014-08-30; Register new MO at start removed from Run option  (DGM100E).

2013-10-06; Copy register added under the File menu (for backup).
2013-09-27; Export, Import of settings (REG) file added under the Help menu.
2012-06-15; Printer outputs upgraded. Version linked uniquely to customer.

2012-01-15; New basic version 6.68. A new basic version of DGM100 is released. The new version has an extended screen size (1024 x 729), a new measure list, graph and also better adaptation for Windows 7, 8 (32/64 bit). Note! Present version is functionally exact equivalent to version 6.67, but will be extended with new functions further on.

2011-06-01; Connection to Web User page. A new direct web access from the Help-menu,  intended for verifying, backup and feed back of your current installation.

2011-05-17; Clear active article. A new article function in File-menu for backup and clearing the article. It also resets the internal serial number to zero. Note! This is the manual  operation for the automatic clear operation when max serial number is reached.

2011-04-22; Adaptation to Windows 7. In order to run and reinstall the program correctly for Windows 7. Note! Also an earlier special adaptation for XP was made.