News HFR100 Programs

Below are the latest new program features listed. Depending of your current program version, some of these may already be included in your installation. Specific news regard your application is listed in the user page. If any questions, please contact us.

2022-08-04; Show Statistic’s  upgraded with the following
Article (measure article), select / show new article.
Show (=> marked test), show / activate current test on the main screen.
Show (select), show selctionl; All, All OK, All NG, Deactivated or *Tester .
STAT (sum statistic’s), new statistics added for all measurement total.

• 2022-01-23; Added V-Cal (volt calibration) Fmax = 10V without reference ( TAD-3).
• 2022-01-14; Changed pitch compensation to direct input values without reference.

• 2021-09-29; Station-ID added to About Program and new SYS-version = 10.
• 2021-07-13; High  tensile speed added in Type Data list and shows %-value (rate).
• 2021-05-07; MO Manufacturing order extended to 18 characters (extended version).
• 2020-11-23; Post length added to About Program (About Program).
• 2019-10-01; Warning max DB-size added + change label register to database.

• 2020-04-29; Calibration of elongation Axx updated to new ”easier” method.
– Previous calibration dialog has been removed and replaced with a question dialog.
– Previous ACR Register is removed and replaced with a common GCR Register.
– Previous search keys; Rp, Rm, Lu are replaced by Gs , So, Rp and Lc
– Grouping for Lo (nominal measure length) plus type R, F, P or T included.

• 2019-09-11;
A/D Input accuracy (length and force) improved to ±½ bit (previous 1 bit).
– Input of maxmin diameter add to start dialog.
Database upgraded to Ver 6.68 2019-06-09 [DB: HFR100,09W].
– Calibrating of conical jaws are add to the calibrating dialogue. (by Calibrate X0).
– Label Roundness is changed to Ovality.
– Adjusted corrected warning tensile speed = SIS-norm (method a = 2, 4).
– Adjusted filter/showing tensile speed = 9 step (mean value).
– Option Run 5 x nom tensile speed (production) is add to Run setup.
– Option Show Ag/Agt elongation is add to Run setup (Lab version).
– Refined calculation of Rp0.2 with 2:nd degree polynomial.
– DA-1 = Analogue output 0 – 10V is add for  control/display of  tensile speed.

2019-09-06; XXXX changed too Raaa-XXXX as internal serial number.
2019-02-28;  Informing max progress time added to all support functions.

• 2018-12-08;
– Main screen adjusted for installation on Windows 10.
Logotype and supplier (support) changed to DANOX AB.
Reference Batch for current article- and test number added to the start dialogue.
– A new extended version HFR100B (Batch = Order) is included for custom adaptation.

• 2018-11-07; Clear All Empty Batches added to the File menu.

2016-06-23; Input of manual elongation in mm (or inch) length adjusted for more secure update of the elongation correction. Previous  ENTER key demand removed.

2016-05-02; Calculation of  Yield point Rp0.2 is improved by a new ”fine tuning” correction of the E-line (Young modulus).

2016-04-21; Individual password protection is added to the File menu (register operations). Previous only disabling’s are removed.

2016-02-11; Auto logging adjusted for easier readability, and option Show only last 7 days is added to log Book.

2016-01-11; Edit operation and also auto selection  of force scales adjusted for Machine select (and for Start dialogue).

2015-12-05; New enhanced calibration filter added to Calibration, also common for both force- and length input/display.

2015-11-20; ADC input sample time changed to 2 mS (higher accuracy).

2015-11-11;  Admin station add as standard to Register setup. And previous register settings; Disable registration and Disable measure system are removed.

2015-11-08;  Mouse wheel added for easier scrolling of all lists.

2015-03-26; The following upgrades are  implemented:
– Selectable batch labels add in run setup. Note: Batch = Charge.No is only valid (Lab).
Link of current batch- and test numbers add to standard out print (registering data).
– Finish Batch replaced with End incl. saving of current batch add to dialog Operator.

2015-02-12; The following upgrades are  implemented:
– Database upgrade to Ver 6.68 2015-02-12 [DB: HFR100,09V].
– Percentage unit for options  Rp/Rm and Rm/Rp removed. Only decimal value is shown.
– A new gauge Agt is added as selectable replacement of Axx in measure article (Lab).
– A new tab Em for nominal E-module is added in measure article, incl correction of Ko.
– Calculation of machine  constant Ko added including display in machine status.
– Display of wF and wX  on machine status is replaced by one line only as R/e.
– New run option Print out R/e-curve as default (not NRP) is added.

• 2014-08-30; Register new MO at start removed from Run option  (HFR100E).

• 2014-05-01; The following upgrades are  implemented:
– Display of R/e-curve (stress/strain) is added.
– Calculation of E-modulus  (Lab)  adjusted for Lo.
– Selectable display of tensile in MPa unit added in run setup.

• 2013-08-10; Rm/Rp-Ratio is added as new option gauge and previous label K (ratio) is replaced with the same symbol (also for Rp/Rm ratio).

• 2013-04-15; Automatic selection of machine/force scale for new article is added to dialog Define Measure article, and warnings for  force scale (to low or high) are adjusted to 5% resp. 95% in the start dialog.

• 2013-03-25; New correction of elongation A is added , based on Bertella-Oliver equation (SIS 2566-1) including a special new calibrating dialog. The correction is further expressed directly in % unit of the elongation.

• 2013-03-23; Pitch compensation added for force calibration.

• 2013-03-04; Max tensile speed for NRP and springs are adapted for automatic select in run setup (not standard SIS method regulated).

• 2013-03-03; Correction A5 adjusted to; dX = F(machine, method, Lo, Fm, Rm and dLu) where dX corresponds to a constant error in dLn. And a special new correction linked to current article is added as default.

• 2012-11-03
– New measure list with line specific viewing.
– Secondary gauges ReH, ReL and E-module added to measure list.
– Gauge RpX and ReH exchangeable as primary gauge/viewing in measure article.
Imperial units (in, lbf och ksi etc.) added to Register setup.
Out prints adjusted. Symbols for dimensions added.
Correction of A5 adjusted to; machine(Kn) = function of (So, Rm, dLu och dLn).
– New method tube test added to Define Define measure article.
– Automatic calculation/warning of max tensile speed added to Define measure article.
– A/D-card (driver) adjusted for 32/64 bit version BioDaq (wwCOMBDaq.Dll).

2012-01-15; New basic version 6.68. A new basic version of HFR100 is released. The new version has an extended screen size (1024 x 729), a new measure list, graph and also better adaptation for Windows 7, 8 (32/64 bit). Note! Present version is functionally exact equivalent to version 6.67, but will be extended with new functions further on. For ex:
– Test modes for tubes, veiwing tensile graph in stress/strain mode (lab), and moore..

2011-06-01; Connection to Web User page. A new direct web access from the Help-menu,  intended for verifying, backup and feed back of your current installation.

2011-05-17; Clear active article. A new article function in File-menu for backup and clearing the article. It also resets the internal serial number to zero. Note! This is the manual  operation for the automatic clear operation when max serial number is reached.

2011-04-22; Adaptation to Windows 7. In order to run and reinstall the program correctly for Windows 7. Note! Also an earlier special adaptation for XP was made.

2010-12-12; Automatic calculation of A5. A new developed method for estimating the elongation directly from the tensile curve. This new method is based on analyzing the plastic and fracture part of the curve, and then calculate the nominal elongation due to the specified test length. The elongation can also be manually input as standard measure.
Also previous tensile labels and notations has been adjusted in order to correspond to the new standard: SS-EN ISO 6892-1:2009.
Update description: u_HFR100E-2010-11-12_se.pdf (extended)
Update description: u_HFR100i-2010-11-12_se.pdf (standard/lab)

2010-10-29; Zero force adjustment. A new separate manual zero operation for compensation of drifts/offset in the force signal (calibration dialoge).

2010-08-19; Filter and noise reduction. A new input filter for detection and eliminating of extremely highly disturbance on the input force, including a second filter for smoothing the tensile curve in order to improve the accuracy for the yield point Rm. An improved curve analyzing has also been implemented for eliminating and detect glitches and gaps on the input curve, including compensation for machine oscillations after fracture.

2010-02-26; Automatic input rate control. A new analogue input function and basic filter making a steady input rate = 100 Hz (and automatic filter/frequency control).